Improving lives of millions worldwide

Leadership in providing IT enabled services
to healthcare organisations

Savy provides IT enabled services which help healthcare organizations leverage the power of
information technology to improve the lives of billions of people throughout the world. We are
leaders in this area of operation with currently more than 1/3 of market share and growing beyond.
That is not only impressive, but also extremely gratifying.

An hour spent at Savy,
helps a patient get the right
medical attention…

It inspires us to excel at every step

We strongly believe that everything we do should make a difference in a life of a person in need.
This core belief drives us every minute of every day. We are committed to help more and more
people receive the right attention they deserve. The daily work of our employees potentially help
someone save his/her life. Now that is an inspiration!

We don't simply design programmes,
but create life saving instruments...

... literally

Our solutions directly impact human lives,
that are value we carry in our commitment.

We provide services to hospitals, clinics or medical practitioners for taking patients vitals and
managing their databases. We analyze patient health data and submit quality reports to the clinical
registry and extend support to pharmaceutical companies providing them data such as post market
surveillance of drug, clinical trial results and so on.
There is a lot at stake in what we do. Hence the means we use are not only mere tools but
extension of our commitment to the cause at hand.


Savy Organization

Success is not matter of coincidence but result of
our relentless pursuit and commitment towards
achieving customer satisfaction and cause in hand

The core reasons behind Savy Software's leadership position are our talented team, efficient processes, and advanced tools. The combination of all these factors enable us deliver faster solutions to our customers with pin point accuracy. We have a team of skilled professionals who work in relevant functions of their knowledge and expertise. The dedicated efforts by individuals in following functions have enabled us to win our customer confidence and put us on high growth curve in a small amount of time.

Database Management

Patient health data is very critical and needs to be handled with utmost care, sensitivity and accuracy. We use tools which enable us to process data of millions of patients right from fetching, storage, retrieval to correcting and updating in the prescribed templates.

Business Intelligence

We are adept at handling and transforming large amounts of data into meaningful and useful information. We analyse the data and present the conclusions in concise formats which would help them in taking right decisions.

Core Development

We develop sophisticated programs which enable to register a large amount of patient health data at numerous locations. We have established easy to use products which help medical practitioners around the world for the maintaining records of their patients.

Enhanced Services

We have established our own KPO team to enhance our customer experience. The team is equipped with specialized knowledge and expertise, which adds further value to our core services. We give a lot of importance to resolving customer queries on time and improve effectiveness of our services.


Healthy spaces for young hearts

Savy workspaces are designed for fun while staying meaningful. We believe that workspaces define productivity and are therefore important part of our lives. It is a place where what we do impacts millions of lives and should thus foster creativity and perfection. Bringing cutting edge design concepts and newly discovered materials, we orchestrate fresh, open, free, and inspirational workspaces.

The future looks bigger, brighter and exciting

In 2016, we expect to move into our state-of-the-art Innovation Center. This dream project is soon to be realized with a fabulous, custom designed 1 lac sq. ft. facility that shall offer world class office experience. It is designed to foster innovation and best of services with team rooms, recreational spaces, personal development rooms, food courts and many more exciting avenues.

Savy experience

Savy Software strongly believes that everything we do should exemplify the best and should make a difference. This core belief drives us every minute of every day and reflects through our happy and delighted customers.

Savy Software provides a variety of ITES to FIGmd, Inc. FIGmd is located in the United States and provides clinical data registry solutions to its customers. As a valued part of the FIGmd experience, Savy Software helps FIGmd exceed its customer experience.

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